Wednesday, May 13, 2009

April 25th

Spencer and I headed up to San Jose a few weeks ago for Pat’s Run. The run is at Leland High School, Pat’s old stomping grounds. It is beautiful there and the race course was nice too. Spencer was determined to beat his time from Tempe just a week prior. He was in the Clydesdale category (no he was not riding a horse in the race... it’s for the guys who are 225lbs-274lbs). Spencer took FIRST PLACE with an amazing 29:18 time (that’s a 6:59 pace)!
Way to go Spencer!!
Rounding the corner...

He's almost to the Finish Line!
Runners run a 4.2 mile course and
finish on the 42-yard line of the football field!
Pat's Run is a celebration of the life and legacy of Pat Tillman.

Miss San Jose passed out the awards.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Proposal

Last night Spencer and I went to a special advance screening of The Proposal! It was so fun to know we were seeing a movie tons of other people have to wait till June to go see.
The movie was a cute romantic comedy starring the beautiful Sandra Bullock and the funny and cute Ryan Reynolds. Her character Margaret Tate is facing deportation back to Canada and instead bribes her assistant Andrew Paxton to marry her. You’ll have to watch it to see how it turns out… but I promise you will laugh out loud through most if it.
The film comes out June 19th!

P.S. I promise more updates are coming soon!!