Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Family Time

My brother and his fiancé are moving to Conway, Arkansas! We all decided this is the perfect time to get some great family pictures done. Bucky loves his sisters and his nieces so this will be great keepsakes for him while he is away in Arkansas.

Aren't my nieces the cutest?!

the whole family

Bucky and his girls!

We took the opportinuty to have some shots of us too!
I love his silly face!!!

Justine Miller has once again done an amazing job!! We just love her work and I believe her camera is magic!

Science Center

Intel was awesome enough to give us 4 FREE passes to the Arizona Science Center. We took our friend Marilyn and her two cute little boys along to check it out. It has been forever since I’ve been so I was way excited.
They have everything – bed of nails,
tug of war,

floating balls, you name it!

The best part was the featured exhibit – LEGOS!
The theme was castles. They have life size men in armor,

cool castles

and even a big red dragon

and it's baby.

The boys couldn’t resist picking its nose!

We had a blast!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


We went for our annual Havasupai trip in July and had a blast! This year Graig, Andrew and Jacob (Spencer’s dad and brothers) all came with us.We began with dinner and Big Earl’s in Carefree before leaving the valley. It’s so yummy!!!

Andrew, Graig, Spencer, Corissa on the hike in
Isn't it beautiful!

Mooney Falls is still awesome as well but also lost the play pools and the rope swing at the bottom. It’s kind of cool now that you can walk so far and get so close to the falls.

Tunnel you hike down to get to Mooney

We ventured out to check out Beaver Falls and played in the water along the way. Since Beaver is at the end of the fall chain, it had a ton of sediment drained into it so there is NO cliff jumping anymore. The hike through the green valley is so cool though that we still a great time!

Beaver Falls

Andrew and dad is the green valley

cool green rock showerHavasu Falls

Havasu Falls lost all the play pools at the bottom but is still an amazing sight to see as you turn the corner and head down the steep hill of red sand. The mist is so refreshing! The water level is lower so there are different cliffs to jump off.
Check out Graig! Hard to believe he’s 63!!!

former.... Navajo Falls
We were sad to see our favorite falls – Navajo Falls – all dried up and filled with sediment. Sad sad sad. It hard to believe we’ve jumped off these cliffs and that the whole wall used to be covered in water… sad sad sad.

There was a terrible flood last year that completely changed the scenery and all the falls. There is a new fall now that you will see just off the trail as you leave the village and head to the campground. It’s called Rock Falls. Oh and don’t pay any attention to the “no jumping” sign – hey, if the locals were doing it so can we!