Thursday, November 27, 2008

We are so thankful!

We have been so blessed this year and have so much to be thankful for. Some things we are thankful for... eachother, our families, friends, best friends, our home, the Gospel, our jobs, a Temple marriage, scriptures, family time, laughing together, the list goes on an on :)
This year we had family and friends over to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. We had a fabulous day, watching movies, eating good snacks, putting a puzzle together, oh and enjoyed a fabulous dinner!
First Thanksgiving as husband and wife.
Best friends!

Yummy dinner... mmmmmmmm!

The Smiths!

We have something to tell everyone...
Spencer really loved his turkey dinner!

Our cute niece Mesha!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Ariana!

We can't believe how big you are! It seems like yesterday you were a little lady bug and now you are a little lady! You bring so much happiness and joy to our hearts, we love you turbo!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fun Days at Sea

We loved hanging out on the ship… there was so much to do and so much to see! We met up with our dinner buddies to take some pics around the boat. Our boat was kind of Greek themed, we even had the status of David. One night we went to a musical and another night we checked out the comedian. Fun times!! One of the best things about the ship was all the amazing food! It was NEVER ending food! The best food was the lobster tail and the filet mignon, best dessert was the warm chocolate melting cake! I wanna go back just to have the dessert again! We let the cruise line pick our room so we totally lucked out and got a ginormous room! We loved it! Our deck was huge… our room was huge... our bathroom was huge! We figured out that we got a handicap room and laughed so hard!

Our ship, the Carnival Pride

First morning, view from our deck

First formal night

That's our deck... it's huge!

Fun animal towels!

Maricachis came on board from Puerto Vallarta and sang happy honeymoon to us!

Second formal night with Roberto and Elaine

Fabulous fruit carving

This is our dinner table with Jerry and Noel

BIG bathroom
BIG room

Puerto Vallarta

We woke up early to go horseback riding through the jungle! Woo hoo! We rode on a tour bus through town to a small farming community called Desambocada. Our horses were given to us based on experience… I got the old one since I was the beginner! My horse was named Morro, Spencer’s was Milagro (means Miracle). We had to cross a flowing river TWICE! It was a little scary when my horse didn’t want to stay in line with the other horses! We rode to a ranch where we took a dip in the hot springs then I went for a swim with a horse… bareback! It was fun and a tad bit scary all at once! The jungle was so beautiful! Then it was time to hit the beach! The water was amazing. We did some shopping in town and then saw MIMI! We ran into my aunt in MEXICO! LOL! It was too funny! We hung out and watched the sunset… so relaxing and beautiful.

The view from our deck

Spencer and Milagro

Hot springs from the volcano
Kissing in the hot springs
SWIMMING with the horse!!

Corissa and Morro trotting

Parrot kisses

More kisses
Ready to hit the beach

On our way to the beach... we spotted an iguana going for a stroll
The streets of Puerto Vallarta

Look who we found in Mexico.. Aunt Mimi!

Check out the beautiful jungle in the background

Sunset on the beach