Thursday, May 13, 2010

Growing bump!

So many changes... so little time. Corissa is now in her third trimester and still feeling great. Our little Ellie is an active girl! She likes to stretch out in mommy's tummy and stay that way for a little while. Last week she wore mommy out with all her moving, kicking and stretching. Mommy loves every second of it!!28 weeks
30 weeks


Corissa has had an idea of what she wanted our little girl's nursery to look like for a while now and with the help of her parents this past week Ellie's room is just about ready for her arrival. (not that we want her to come early, but we are more prepared now than we were before) We have 3 bedrooms - our room, a guest room and a computer/storage room. With Ellie on the way we needed to consolidate the guest and computer room for her to have her very own nursery. It took a lot of cleaning, organizing, storage bins, labels, and a trip to Goodwill to get the rooms ready but we finished just in time. Corissa's parents came down and spent 2 and 1/2 days (their days off work) with us to work on the room.
Spencer had great foresight and had the whole house painted in a very pretty tan color. This has been great but not what we wanted in the baby's room.
The closest has never had doors... until now.

Testing the paint... looks like we got it right on our first try!
Apple Tree (green) and Moon Dance (yellow)

Time for primer!
Corissa's brother Christopher also came to get in on the fun and work on his newest niece's room.
Moon Dance looks good Rob!

So does the Apple Tree!

The room is ready for chair rail. Corissa got the idea from their friends house where they did chair rail high up and used it as a border instead of the usual chair rail height.

The chair rail turned out great!

Finally closet doors!

Here's a before and after shot.

They even made time to paint the guest bathroom.
It looks so nice and fresh!
and CHRISTOPHER too!!!!
We really appreciate all the work you did for us!
Ellie has a happy place to grow, sleep and play!