Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happpy Birthday Spencer!

Babe you are the best thing to ever happen to me. I am so blessed to have you in my life and to have you as my eternal sweetheart.
You amaze me every day!
Here are 31 things I love about you-


Your smile

How kind you are to everyone you meet

Your amazing bright blue eyes

Your laugh… especially when I make you laugh! Usually you’re laughing at something funny on the Office or the Simpsons… still cute laughs!

How much you love our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ

Watching you teach the kids in Primary and how your voice would change when you talked to them

When you get glossy eyes in Church because something touches your heart

Your big hugs

Your fantastic cooking skills

How patient you are with me

When you tell me I’m beautiful first thing in the morning (the time I’m farthest from feeling even a tiny bit cute!)

That you put up with me

Your fabulous kisses

When you fold laundry for me

Your voice… I love listening to you sing in church

How great you are with my nieces! You are going to be an amazing daddy!

Reading the Twilight books with you… even though you finished before me

How you try to make me happy every day

How you teach me by example to be more Christ-like

Going on bike rides together

How you are always honest… (even though sometimes you’re brutally honest)

How you giggle in my ear when someone is taking our picture to make sure you’re smiling

Going on road trips with you

Cuddling on the couch and watching movies with you

When you wear cologne just for me

How just by being you- I want to be a better person

That you kiss me and say goodbye at least 5 times every morning

Saying prayers together

Going to the Temple with you

How you’ve changed my world forever

That you want to be with me

I wish you a very happy birthday my love!

Friday, June 26, 2009

June 18, 2009

Lunch with the girls!

What a nice surprise it was to have Bean call me and ask if she and the girls could come see me! We had a yummy lunch at Qdoba and Eire’ was in true form when she asked if she could have hot sauce in her soup. She is hilarious! She has hot sauce on just about everything… just like her mama! She also turned into a picture model! She even posed herself with the flower!
legs this chunky are only cute on babies

I love these sweet girls.
Eire’(4 ½ years), Ariah (4 ½ months)

June 13, 2009

Marilyn’s baptism!!

We met Marilyn about a month ago. The missionaries asked us if we would sit in on her lessons. Of course we said YES! Our first lesson with her we could tell she was special. She is a young mother who wants the best things for her family. She knew the Gospel would not only save her but her two little boys and her marriage too. Marilyn committed herself to change her lifestyle and set a baptism date. We continued attending the lessons with her and felt like we became quick friends. We were honored when she asked us to participate in her baptism and confirmation. It was a beautiful day. The room was packed with her friends and family who were all there to support her and her decision. Marilyn was already glowing and beaming with excitement for what was to come. She was ready for this day. She is a sweet sweet girl and we love getting to know her and her two cute little boys, Zane and Bryson.

The missionaries are amazing too. Elders Christensen and Moore are fabulous teachers who have been prepared for this special and important time in Marilyn’s life.

Elder Christensen, Marilyn and Elder Moore

June 9, 2009

Take a hike

There was just something about the day… all I wanted to do was go hiking. I convinced Spencer and Hunter to go with me for company and so they could get a workout too! It was a nice cool and breezy evening with an amazing sunset.
the boys - Spencer and HunterSun starting to set
Awesome sunset! Nice pic Spencer!

And big shout out to Cristina and Nova on their
4 year anniversary! Love you guys!

June 6, 2009

Provo Canyon
On our way out of town we took a short walk up to Provo Canyon. It was so green and pretty. There were cool falls from the snow run-off.

Jacob, Casey, Tyler, their niece Jane, Spencer

June 5, 2009

Wedding day Friday

We took a road trip up to Utah for the weekend to go to a couple weddings. Friday morning we went to the Bountiful Temple for Spencer’s cousin Becca’s wedding to her husband Jon. The sealer performed a beautiful ceremony and gave the couple a great start for their new life together. We walked around the grounds for a little bit with Tyler and Casey and enjoyed the sweet Spirit on the Temple grounds.
Bountiful Temple
Jon and Becca Frazier
the Smith fam - Andrew, Dad, Mom, Jacob, Casey, Tyler and us
Casey and Tyler Smith
us at Bountiful - I love the stained glass

Then we headed down to the Draper Temple for our friends Steve and Jenna’s wedding. The Draper Temple is brand new and totally beautiful. It’s tucked back in the mountains and is the stone is a gorgeous grey color. It started to get cloudy as we pulled up. During the sealing we could hear the thunder and down pour of rain outside. It was a cool sound. The sealing was amazing and once again a fabulous reminder to us of the covenants we’ve made and how powerful and important temple marriages are.
Draper Temple

Jenna and Steve Murray

Us at Draper
BEFORE the wind

Us at Draper
AFTER the wind

May 31, 2009

No more primary?
Spencer and I got a call on Sunday to come in to meet with Bishop. We couldn’t for the life of us figure out what the meeting was for. We were only in Primary for 5 months and none of the kids were baptized yet… so they couldn’t be releasing us. Maybe they just needed help with something. We went in and they asked how our class was doing… they told us how well our class has been since we were called, but then they said, you’re doing such a great job now we need to move you. We were shocked! We will miss our sweet class. We have learned a lot about how to teach children, a lot about patience, and how to make church and bible stories fun. We had a great class and those kids will be amazing adults someday!

Spencer was called to be in the Young Men’s Presidency and I was called to be the ward activities leader! Fun!! Spencer gets to help out and help motivate the young men and I get to plan the events… sounds like the perfect callings for us. So stay tuned for posts from camping trips, high adventure activities and all the ward events we’ll be part of now!

May 28, 2009

Bike trip in Prescott
Spencer and some of his work buddies took a half day off work to go bike riding in Prescott. Here are some of the pics Spencer took with the NEW camera! He was excited to be the first one to try it out!
Here is where we got some BIG air ...

... all six inches of it!

May 27, 2009

New Camera

Both of our cameras decided to crap out on us so we were camera-less for a few months… pretty annoying because we missed out on some fun pics of our bike trip, Ariana’s kindergarten graduation and a fun weekend up in Williams with the family. But no more! Spencer had a list of specs he wanted and we found the perfect camera at Costco… who doesn’t love Costco?!
We love our new toy!!

May 25, 2009

Bike Ride

We both had the day off for Memorial Day so we decided to hit the road for a little bike adventure. We wanted to go some place out of the valley but also somewhere that wouldn’t be crowded with all the other peeps that had the day off. I looked online and found some biking trails east of Mesa in the Superstition Wilderness. We packed a lunch, put the bikes in the truck and we were off. Its nice spending quality time together and sharing hobbies. Spencer is a much better mountain biker than I am but he is very patient with me and helps me remember what gears I should be in and when to change them. He also reminds me not to be afraid… but I’m not quite there yet. We went up some pretty awesome hills (on the road but still very steep). There were saguaro cacti everywhere and they were all blooming. It was beautiful to see. We didn’t have a camera but the next best thing was Spencer's iPhone!
What a fun day!

May 2, 2009

Sealings are beautiful and we were able to attend a very special one for my sister and her husband Jay. They were married in August last year and were now able to receive the blessings of a Temple marriage. The sealer had some great advice for the couple but it was also a great reminder for all in the room. We were so glad we were able to be part of this very special day.

The sealing was in the Albuquerque New Mexico Temple since that’s where Jay is from. It is a small and beautiful temple just on the outskirts of town close to the mountains. The clouds stared coming in making the sky a beautiful grey. The day was lovely.