Sunday, November 14, 2010

College Football Hall of Fame

ASU vs Stanford
It's game time! We took Ellie to her first college football game. We went with our friends Ashlea and Brennan and their little girl Tess. We chose this game because at halftime Pat Tillman was being inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.Game time! We made Ellie her very own 42 onsie!
Kick-off! Let's go Devils!TOUCHDOWN! Despite all the noise Ellie made sure she got her nap time in!

Pat's former ASU teammate accepted the award.

Thank you Pat for your service and sacrifice for our freedom. You will always be remembered as one of our heroes!

Ellie was so good during the game! She didn't even mind the fireworks!

ASU cutie pie!

Just chillin' enjoying the game!

Ashlea and Tess are Sun Devil gals too!

All packed up and ready to head home. ASU didn't win but they played a good game and we all had fun and were able to celebrate and honor Pat Tillman 42.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Ellie went to her first movie today! We joke all the time that we have a little TV junkie on our hands but we really do. She loved watching the movie and was good for the whole thing!!
My nieces didn't have school so we all went to the movie.
They even stayed the night and if you couldn't tell they picked out Ellie's outfit!!

Stylin' in her new boots! Love her chunky legs!!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

19th Annual Desert Grande Triathlon


Shortly after Ellie was born I decided that I wanted to do a triathlon to help get back into shape. Spencer was very supportive and even wanted to join me! Now most of you that know me know that I didn't get all the necessary training I needed but I didn't want to back down and still wanted to finish... even if I was the last one crossing the finish line. Well guess what?! I surpassed my goal and finished in great time!! It felt great to have finished and to have my sweetheart finish well too!
Swimming was first. Truth be told, I swam once for practice three days before the race. Crazy I know!
Time starts NOW! No turning back! I was so nervous and excited that the moment was finally here!
Done with the swim! 13:16
Now to hop on the bike.
Get on and go!

Finished the bike in 50:36

Run run run! It was so hard to transition from biking to running. It took about a mile to feel back to normal.

DONE! Ran in 39:23
When I was coming up to the finish line the announcer called out my name and said that this was my first triathlon. He also announced that there was a little girl, my Ellie, waiting for her mama to finish. I lost it and totally started crying! It was awesome!! (thanks Trina for having him do that for me)

Spencer's story:
Lined up! It's go time!
Swam in 9:11! Nice work!

Off on the bike!
Bike done in 54:34

Run babe!!
He finished the 3 miles in 26:17!

We could not have done this without our fabulous and adorable CHEERLEADERS!!
Have your ever seen a cuter cheerleader?! I think not!

This one is a little scary!

Pom poms in hand and ready to cheer!

All the cheering wore her out!

Nice signs Lex!!

Outfit change!

Go Smiths!! Katrina had Ellie stay the night at her house so we could get the the tri early in the morning. It was harder on us than Ellie, she slept very well and was a good girl for her auntie! Thanks sis for all your help!!!

We are triathletes!!
Corissa's time - 1:43:15
Spencer's time - 1:21:02
The End...
until next year that is!