Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday!

Can you tell who's older? I didn't think so! :)
sales clerk - Are you sisters?
me - Yes, we're twins.
clerk - Oh, but you're not identical right?
me - Yes, we're identical.
clerk - But you don't look like it.
my inner monologue - Seriously? We look the same!!!!
People look at us all the time when we go out together and we know we will soon be having this same conversation. It's still fun though to mess with people and cause them to take a second look.
It is so fun to have another half. We have many of the same interests and hobbies and love spending time together. I love my sister and the example she is as a mother. She is loving to all around her and especially to my little Ellie and I'm forever thankful for that. I had fun spending the day with you and I love my new shirt you made me!
Happy Birthday sis!
Today was so fun! I got to spend the day with my beautiful twin sister. We had a yummy sushi lunch and then went shopping!
Spencer got a group together for dinner and dessert last night. I love being able to hang out with friends and family. Tonight I was able to (easily) talk Spencer into going to sushi!
I have the best hubby, baby girl and sister!
Thank you for making 30 so special!
Ellie had a blast too and is feeling so much better!

Ellie did a little lip syncing for our special day!
Thank you to Caprice for the real singing!


Katrina Rasband said...

it was a wonderful start to a fantastic year! i love you sis! that video is awesome! i'm going to have to link to it whenever i get aroung to bringing my blog up to date lol xoxoxoxoxoxo

Shelly and Ron Huber said...

Happy late b-day!!! I didn't know your b-day was this week! How fun! (I'm right behind ya!)
Super cute lip-syncing! My boys loved it. They had me play the clip over and over!

Tamra said...

Happy 30th B-day! Love the story of people questioning that you and your sis are identical twins...Must be the long vs short hair, they just can't see past the difference. lol. I thought that was just too funny!

Kierstin said...

Long time, no post. How are you guys?