Sunday, July 24, 2011


Our sweet Ellie is ONE YEAR OLD today!

We can't believe it either but a whole year has passed and our little baby is growing up and is officially a toddler! Crazy! She has truly blessed our lives and those of our family as well. One of the things people comment most about her is how happy she is; it's so true! We have a happy and sweet little girl. Life is different but so much better now that she's in it. She loves to play, loves to read, loves to eat, and loves to sleep! She's very social and enjoys being out with other people and playing with her friends. She is all Daddy's girl too! He is her favorite person! She lights up when she hears him come home and loves stories and bedtime with him each night. She loves walking and practices every day and is taking more steps each time. She has a great appetite and is growing like crazy! Here are her stats to see how much she's grown!

Newborn: Weight 7 lbs 7 ounces Height 20.5 inches
12 Months: Weight 23 lbs 1 ounce Height 30.5 inches


Katrina Rasband said...

yay! for being 1!!
...but if dad is #1 and mom is #2 then that makes me #3? ok, i'm good with that! love the 'super' pose!


I love her!

Tamra said...

It's been a while since I've been on the blog and I loved all the pictures form the 4th of July! I cannot believe she is already ONE! She is adorable!

Anonymous said...

I love that I can come check out your blog...duh...when i remember to...I love my lil'm #3...step aside sister!! oh wait...she ain't my sister...her my daughter!!! lol...I know..I'm very tired...butt...hip hip hooray for Ellie being 1! and gonna be a big sister!!! I'm so excited...I just love that kid, I tell you what!!!

Dean and Katrina said...

Yay for being 1! I wish we could have been down there to celebrate. Congrats on a great year! :)

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